Wild Thyme Honey 160g

Product Description

J.Friend and Co, NZ Artisan Wild Thyme Honey from Central Otago is an intensely flavoured, bold and aromatic honey, often referred to as the Gorgonzola of honey. It is caramel in colour with an intense aroma and savoury flavour with heathery, grassy and woody notes with a hint of lanolin.


Cuisine Artisan Award Winner 2010 NZ Food Award Winner 2011

Wild Thyme honey is often referred to as the Gorgonzola of honey. As well as tasting delicious, Wild Thyme honey has one of the highest antioxidant ratings for any honey in the world, (3 to 4 times higher than other honeys) and is also very high in antibacterial activity. Extremely rare, our Wild Thyme honey is the only certified organic thyme honey produced in New Zealand, and quite possibly the world!

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