Moreish Butchery Organic Lamb Leg Steaks - 400g

Product Description

Organic NZ Lamb leg steaks.

Tender, Juicy lamb steaks from the hind leg making it great for stirfrys, quick cooking and perfect for this summers barbeque.

We believe the food you feed your family should be as natural as possible. If you buy meat, it should be just that – meat. Not that questionable stuff pumped full of additives or antibiotics.

When you have naturally derived, organic food that is additive free all that is left to do is enjoy. Perfect on the barbeque or pan seared, Moreish lamb leg steaks are just that – moresih and full of flavour.

Order today, to get your dose of a kiwi favourite. Lamb in all its flavourful intensity is a winner each and every time.

Delivered to all North Island Non Rural addresses.