Organic Gouda Cheese 220g

Product Description

Hand crafted at The Cheese Barn in Matatoki, the Organic Gouda is a popular choice and it’s easy to understand why. Gouda, as a cheese variety, accounts for around half of the worlds total cheese consumption.

Of Dutch origin, the Gouda (named after its place of origin Gouda, Netherlands) is a semi hard cheese with a rich and distinct flavour; enhanced by a full smooth texture that provides a cheese-eating experience that will resonate with cheese lovers everywhere.

Adding to its appeal is a strong level of versatility. Gouda for its distinctness of flavour can be used as a melting cheese, table cheese or a dessert/after dinner cheese.

For a delicious, top-quality ingredient, Gouda is great addition to a gourmet styled mac ‘n cheese, gourmet grilled cheese sandwich or fondue.

When eating as part of a cheese board, Gouda like this is best paired with a fruity Riesling.

For its unique flavour and versatile use, the Gouda is a staple cheese variety, popular the world over and when these qualities are combined with an organic cheese making process, the results are award winning.

This organic Gouda is an artisan award winning cheese and should be a staple food item in households the county over – one that is ready and waiting to infuse excellent taste and unparalleled quality into your lovingly crafted meals and platters.

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