Prosciutto - Salash Delicatessen - Sliced 80g

Product Description

Ingredients: NZ free-range pork, NZ organic sea-salt, beech-wood smoke. 

Delicate and perfectly balanced, our superb Serbian Sunka prosciutto from Salash Delicatessen is of the finest taste and quality.

As the one and only New Zealand producer of truly authentic dry-cured meats, Salash Delicatessen uses original recipes perfected by passed generations. Salash Delicatessen applies the centuries-old process of massaging, salting and smoking the ham before it is left to mature in fresh air for a minimum of nine months.

Sunka, referring to whole-cut and top-quality pork, is prized for its perfectly marbled and clean back leg cut. Delicious on its own or paired with our artisan breads, cheese and organic fruit, Sunka is a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy. Create the perfect antipasto for you next dinner party or toss through pasta to add that extra complexity to the dish. Sunka prosciutto is extremely versatile.

Unlike standard hams, Sunka prosciutto is free from nitrates and any other artificial additives, preservatives and chemicals. Use as an alternative to processed meats and enjoy the result of a natural curing process that creates this beautiful prosciutto.

Salash Delicatessen focuses on using natural and organic ingredients and traditional curing processes. Their pork is humanely raised and hand-selected to ensure it’s of the highest-quality and GE free. Sunka Prosciutto is free from gluten, dairy, and starter cultures.

Order your Sunka Prosciutto today and rest-assured that you are getting some of the freshest and most authentic Prosciuttos in the New Zealand market.