Kapiti Artisan Bread Garlic Ciabatta Fold (400g)

Product Description

Handmade Garlic Ciabatta Fold, from the Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse, is a stone baked Ciabatta "Italian Slipper Bread" filled with fresh Marlborough garlic, parsley and rosemary butter.

Who doesn’t love garlic bread? Bread, butter, garlic, parsley and rosemary are flavour combinations that are loved the world over. And for good reason, together, they are just so damn good.

For its wide ranging appeal and its pure and natural ingredients, the Kapiti Artisan Garlic Ciabatta Fold is an easy choice for your table. Whether for guests, family or as an indulgent individual treat, everyone will love its buttery, garlic and herb infused goodness.

This bread, like many in the Kapiti range, is par baked which means it will last much longer in your fridge, is preservative free and is heated to perfection in minutes; making it an ideal item to have ready and waiting, should unexpected guests pop by.

With Kapiti Artisan Garlic Ciabatta Fold you will easily impress with the smell of freshly cooked bread that is topped off by its delicious taste. Add one to your cart today.