Galatic Gold 100g

Product Description


Over the Moon "Galatic Gold" cheese 

1/2 square 100g

NZ Champion washed rind, champions of cheese awards 2014 & 2015.

Made from high quality cow’s milk, a washed rind soft cheese is a winner on any cheese board.

Galactic Gold is orangey-yellow, the rind can be a little sticky.  With a rich, aromatic, piquant flavour, a creamy, soft and supple body. The texture is a little like that of camembert, creamy and melting. As this cheese matures it develops a more complex taste. 

This style of cheese is known as ‘washed rind’.  After making, the cheeses are set out to mature and are washed with brine solution every 2-3 days during their maturation time. This process helps to develop the distinctive texture and flavour. 

Galactic Gold is delicious in salads, quiches, and on cheese platters, but best of all as a dessert with dried fruit.

Over the Moon create New Zealand’s widest range of speciality cheeses from some of the world’s finest ingredients – locally sourced goat, cow, sheep and buffalo milk.

Their boutique factory is based in South Waikato, a lush dairying region. Having won more than 75 medals and a dozen trophies from around the world since 2007 is no mean feat demonstrating they know what they are doing.

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