Clevedon Valley Buffalo Mozzarella - 125g

Product Description

Buffalo Mozzarella from Clevedon Valley Buffalo Company is a true cultured mozzarella. Traditionally spun and pinched, it has a distinctly sweet and clean flavour unique to buffalo milk. The mozzarella itself is soft, yet resilient somewhat like a pillow with a perfect glistening skin, that acts to seal in the buffalo milk flavour.

The Clevedon Valley Buffalo farm has 200 head of buffalo which produce porcelain white milk and flavoursome beef. One of the benefits of buffalo is that people who are normally intolerant to conventional cow’s milk and dairy products often find buffalo milk and products to be far more easily digestible.

Made free of preservatives with fresh buffalo milk, it creates the best, most unique mozzarella that your friends and family will love. Whether as the star of a Caprese salad – layered in-between slices of flavourful tomatoes and basil or a top of your favourite pizza, this mozzarella will delight the palette and infuse your food with a uniqueness inherent to buffalo.

If dairy doesn't always agree with you or if you are keen for a simple change of flavour, add Clevedon Valley Buffalo mozzarella to your cart now.

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