Akaroa Cold Smoked Salmon - 250g

Product Description

If you are looking for a larger supply of cured and cold smoked (without heat) Salmon that is sustainably farmed; then Akaroa Salmon 250g with its premium quality and sea-reared origins is the perfect option.

When selecting a sea-reared salmon it’s important to factor in not only its renowned reputation for superior taste, texture and consistency but also a sustainable process. Akaroa Salmon is produced with the environment in mind, with as many measures as possible put into place to maintain and protect our valued oceans.

With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental impact it goes without saying that Akaroa Salmon is free of antibiotics.

Labelled as one of the top ranking ‘superfoods’ salmon should become a staple item in households the world over. For superior health benefits, delivered to your door, order today.

Delivered to all NZ, North Island, non rural addresses.

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