Make Yours a Healthy Workplace

Fresh organic fruit deliveries

Receive regular deliveries of organic fruit direct to your workplace.

Organic fruit, by nature, is far healthier and tastes as fruit used to taste, really nice and natural.

The fruit is of the highest quality we can source. It will be sourced from our own beautiful country, New Zealand (except for bananas which will be organic and fair trade).

If you are looking for a board room or reception centre piece, we would not suggest Organic Fruit as it is not entirely blemish free. This is all about flavour and the health benefits of the highest quality fruit. 

Order more fruit and save on deliver charges, talk to us today 0508 627 538 (MARKET)

In addition, as part of the service -

We offer each workplace a unique code, this code provides a service where people can order and pay individually for whatever they would like from our website. We will deliver for free at the same time we make the fruit delivery. Each individual order will be  packaged with the name of who ordered on it. 

There is no organising payments nor dividing up goods from within the firm. 

Example Organic Fruit selection

An example of the types of Organic Fruit received is 28-30 pieces:

  • Organic NZ apples
  • Organic NZ Oranges
  • Organic NZ Green Kiwifruit
  • Organic NZ Mandarins / Tangelos 
  • Organic NZ Stone Fruit, plums, nectarines, peaches etc
  • Organic NZ Lemons
  • Fair trade Bananas 

     $33 +gst

    Please contact us using the form to your right and we'll be in touch to setup your account.
    Get fresh organic fruit delivered to your workplace

    Order fresh weekly and seasonally varied organic fruit to your workplace

    Call us on 0508 MARKET (627538) or fill in the form for more information.

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