Genevieve's Duck Liver Parfait - Original 100g

Product Description

Rich, velvety smooth and gluten free, Duck Liver Parfait is perfect on lightly toasted French bread, with a salad or caramelized onion garnish.

A staple starter in any good French restaurant, Pate has in some fine dining establishments, stepped aside to make way for the emergence of foams and mousses. While they may impress MasterChef Judges, there really is no comparison to the smooth butteriness of a pate like Genevieves Duck Liver.

All natural ingredients including open barn-raised duck livers, butter, cream, red wine, onion, pepper and salt make this pate not only tasty, rich and smooth but indulgent and the perfect starter to any dinner party. Paired with a pinot noir or merlot and a top sliced and lightly toasted French stick, Duck Liver pate will set your next dinner party off in style. Add it to your dinner repertoire today.