Rewarewa Honey 160g

Product Description

A wonderfully deep coloured honey with an aroma of fresh walnuts, spice and malted caramel. The flavour is rich, robust and malty with a hint of bitterness in the after taste. Rewarewa Honey has a slightly savoury character that would lend itself well to cooking and is the perfect choice for people who like a strong honey flavour without overwhelming sweetness. Its robust character matches well with full flavoured, aged cheddar or nutty flavoured cheese.

Certified Organic

Rewarewa Honey is a naturally dark coloured honey, with a rich malty aroma. Not only does it lend itself to a variety of culinary applications Rewarewa honey has also been identified as having one of the highest hydrogen peroxide activity of any honey. These unique properties assist the defence mechanisms in the body to repair cells and kill harmful bacteria.

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