Bostock's Organic Chicken Wings- 500g

Product Description

Bite sized; chicken wings are the perfect hands on snack, starter, meal or side dish. Prepare your favourite sauce, lather your wings in it and bake.

If served up as a ready meal for the young ones in the family, you can rest assured that you are delivering your kids only the best nutritional value. Bostocks Chicken Wings are certified organic and free range; raised to meet all international animal welfare standards.

As is standard in organic production, these chickens are raised using no chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormones and no genetic modification methods. Only the best processes, the best food and the best quality of life are given to Bostocks chicken.

Enjoy your wings lathered in sauce or alone. The taste, nutritional benefit and peace of mind from both organic certification and free-range certification, will no doubt have you returning for more. Start your Bostock obsession now and ADD to CART.