Organic Halloumi Cheese 130g

Product Description

Organic Halloumi is a quality handmade artisan cheese from The Cheese Barn, Matatoki New Zealand. Produced with vegetable rennet, organic ingredients and production processes make this cheese ideal for strict vegetarians. It is also perfect for cooking and sometimes referred to as “grilling cheese”.

Originating from Cyprus, Halloumi is a cooking cheese that is fast making its way up in the popularity stakes and with good reason. Haloumi keeps its shape, has a high cooking temperature tolerance, turns golden brown when fried and is a uniquely delicious grill-able cheese. For this reason it is great in a salad, with breakfast or as a fried accompaniment to any meal.

Plain, Halloumi is firm, salty and perhaps most comparable to a thick feta in taste with a smoother texture, however Halloumi is most definitely a cooking cheese and should be warmed, grilled, fried or heated.

When eaten plain, Halloumi is nothing special, however all that changes when cooked; the saltiness fades into a strong savoury flavour, with a slightly creamy texture. The cheese takes on a crisp and savoury outside combined with a perfectly melted centre on the inside. For its high temperature tolerance Halloumi is unique in both taste and texture.

Try it grilled, pan-fried or thinly sliced. Add it to a Caprese salald in place of mozzarella or serve it with watermelon, as is traditional in the homeland Cyprus.

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