Organic Camembert Cheese 125g

Product Description

From artisan producers The Cheese Barn, this organic camembert is made from nothing but the best, organic ingredient - whole milk. 

The production of this cheese, deep in Matatoki near Thames delivers for us a slowly matured, rich, creamy and buttery cheese. As expected with camembert, it has an outer white rind, designed to be eaten with the creamy inner to deliver a great combination of textures. 

Getting to this level of delicious creaminess is a ripening technique that works form the outside in. Made in the traditional French style with an organic core, this camembert is un-homogenised, gluten free, GE free and has no additives including antibiotics or growth hormones. 

The organic focus of this cheese adds to its appeal by enhancing the production process and taste through the use of only the best, most natural organic ingredients.

As winner of the Bronze Medal - Cuisine Cheese Awards in 2014, the popularity of this cheese has grown immensely and been on an upward trajectory since. For its delectable creaminess, this camembert is the perfect cheese no matter what the occasion and pairs perfectly with a light red wine.

Enjoy it as the main star of your next cheese platter or accompanied by other complementary cheeses, pickles or meats.

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