Organic Kallarney Blue 125g

Product Description

Blue cheeses get their wonderfully speckled blue veins from cultures of healthy mould that are added to the cheese allowing it to take on the distinctive ‘blue cheese look’ - threaded, veined or spotted with blue, blue-grey mould.

With a distinct flavour and smell this artisan blue cheese, hand crafted from The Cheese Barn in Matatoki is deliciously creamy and full flavoured. Made in the popular and ancient French tradition of the Roquefort style, this blue cheese is white, tangy, crumbly, made with vegetable rennet and slightly moist, with distinctive veins of mould.

It is as one might expect, yet another award winning cheese from artisan producers The Cheese Barn, having taken out a Cuisine Cheese Award in 2014. Award winning cheeses have a way of flying off the shelf and this blue cheese is no exception.

Versatile in its application, The Cheese Barn Organic Kallarney Blue is perfect for cheese platters, salads, or accompanied with pickles, cold meats and other antipasto ingredients. It is also excellent in cooking – blue cheese sauces and dressings in particular lift dishes like Buffalo wings and steak meals up to new levels.

When perfectly incorporated into a dish, this blue cheese will convert even the most ‘blue cheese adverse’ amongst us and will equally impress and delight even the most discerning blue cheese lovers around.

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