Premium Middle Bacon - 200g

Product Description

Premium middle loin bacon cured in salt and sugar then smoked in a traditional smokehouse.

No Nitrates, No Gluten, No Preservatives!

200g pre-packed sliced Free range Pork bacon from Moorish butchery.

With nitrate free bacon you will notice the meat is of a grey colour, not like the bright meats found in nitrate laden meat products.

Quality Guaranteed

Delivered to all North Island Non Rural addresses.

Both Moorish Butchery and Edesia believe the food your feed your family should be as natural and naked as the day you were born. You should know what has gone into your food. If you buy meat, it should be just that – meat. Not that indecipherable stuff pumped full of additives or antibiotics. It’s no good for the animals – and it’s no go