Moreish Butchery 4 Organic Lamb Loin Chops - 560g

Product Description

Four Organic Lamb Loin Chops.

Approximately  560g

Tender Juicy Lamb Chops which are great on the BBQ.

From the loin of the lamb – lamb chops are one of the most tender cuts and as such are very popular.

What holds true, no matter what type of meat you purchase or what cut of meat you go for is a philosophy that the food you buy should be as natural as possible and that you as the consumer, should know as much as possible about your food’s origins.

At Moreish our lamb loin chops are Organic, preservative free, have no nitrates and certainly no colourings, naturally making it Gluten Free! 

No additives or antibiotics – we believe that’s a good dose of ‘food origins’ peace of mind.

To get a delicious and organic cut of meat on your barbeque today – order now

Delivered to all North Island Non Rural addresses.