Pancetta Online - Salash Delicatessen 90g

Product Description

Pancetta Sliced 90g

Ingredients: NZ free range pork, NZ organic sea-salt, NZ fresh garlic, herbs (dry marinated, not smoked, sliced pork belly)


Using only the very best meat and organically-grown spices and seasonings, Salash Pancetta bursts with flavour.

From their exquisite range of artisan meats, Salash continues to impress with this beautiful pancetta. Completely free from chemicals, additives and preservatives, Salash pancetta is a perfect alternative to bacon and delivers a depth of flavour that far surpasses. Unlike bacon, pancetta is not smoked after it is cured, giving it a more unique flavour. If you think bacon makes everything taste better, you will find this pancetta seriously satisfying.

An indispensable part of the Italian kitchen, pancetta is a versatile addition to any recipe that requires a meaty, bacon flavour. Its distinct pork taste makes a delicious base to pasta dishes, draped over fish, or roasted with vegetables. Gently fry long, thicker strips as a perfect accompaniment to your Sunday morning fry-up.

Keeping true to their heritage, the Mirkov brothers use the traditional process of carefully selecting the finest pork belly, massaging, gently spicing and dry-curing. The meat is then left to hang for a minimum of three months until it sweetens slightly and develops a subtle aroma.

This generously seasoned and incredibly tasty pancetta is prepared the same way is has been done for centuries so its authenticity is guaranteed. Order yours today!