Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse Ghost Chilli Ciabatta (270g)

Product Description

Par baked Ciabatta that is hand made from the famous Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse is a bread worth boasting about.

Cuisine artisan award winner 2016.

No preservatives, no additives. 270g of sealed in 100% Natural products. 

Stone baked Ciabatta, is an "Italian Slipper Bread" made with the award winning Culley’s Ghost Chilli sauce using a traditional 18 hour fermentation process.

The benefit of its par baked nature means that you get to enjoy the full gamut of bread baking goodness. From the smell to the warm delectable ‘bread flesh’, having par baked bread on hand will lend a uniquely impressive quality to your bread platter, a perfect start to any meal or dinner party.

Made using 100% pure and natural ingredients this Ciabatta is par baked which means it lasts much longer in your fridge and is heated to perfection in minutes.

Fill your home with bread baked goodness by adding this amazing bread to your cart today.