REAL Vegetable Wraps Chicken Aioli Wrap recipe


Have you had a real wrap yet?  These plant based beauties make wholesome nutrition easy and delicious. Packed with fresh organic high fiber vegetables and infused with Kiwi ingenuity. Naturally free from grains, dairy, nuts,soy, corn, eggs, refined sugars and oils.


For this delicious combination you will need:

1 packet of your favorite REAL wraps.

A generous lashing of Waiheke Aioli.

4 eggs - optional. 

2 cups of fresh seasonal salad.

(microgreens are used here)

400g Bostocks chicken breast.


Cooking perfect chicken breast is a handy talent.. hot tips below (pun intended)

* season your meat with NZ sea salt and oil the pan evenly. 

* on medium heat cook for one minute before lifting or turning at all. Then turn the heat down to low, cover with a pan lid, then leave for ten minutes without lifting the lid or peaking.  

* Once this time is up, take the pan off the heat and let sit for another ten minutes with the lid on. 

* As always,check your chicken is cooked all the way through, has no pink, and the juices run clear.  If you have a kitchen thermometer then you are looking for a temperature of 165 F or 74 C through the middle of your chicken.  

* If you want to take your talent to the next level, then soaking the chicken in a brine or marinade overnight, or prior to cooking it will absolutely give extra moisture and flavour to the cut. 

Quick brine recipe.

3 cups water

1/4 cup NZ Salt

1/4 cup honey 

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar.  

Optional extras - herbs, tamari/soy sauce, sliced veges.

Mix together in a deep dish and soak your cuts for a few hours or overnight. 

Once your chicken is onto its final standing phase its time to layer your wraps!

On four plates lay your wrap, spread with aoli, add a soft poached egg, sprinkle with salad and then slice the chicken to finish. 


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  • Craig Hopkins