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Create a healthier workplace with organic fruit deliveries

Promoting and supporting health in the workplace is not only common sense, it also makes good business sense. When you are nourished, you perform better – it’s as simple as that.

Nothing is more nourishing than a good-quality piece of organic fruit. Convenient, tasty and natural, it is a far better option for combating those snack cravings than reaching for a chocolate biscuit.

Healthy workplaces

At Edesia, we know the difference between organic fruit and its conventionally-grown counterparts and we are passionate about getting the word out. That’s why we have created our Healthier Workplace initiative where we deliver fresh, seasonal organic fruit directly to offices initially in the Auckland Region.

Our Organic New Zealand Fruit Selection deliveries prove that taking steps towards a healthier workplace doesn’t have to come at an unreasonable cost. For just $24.95 including delivery, one Fruit Box consists of 26-30 pieces of organic fruit and depending on the size of your office, you can purchase multiple boxes at a time.

Why we started a gourmet online farmers market

Why did we start Edesia Online Farmers Market? The truth be told, the idea and business developed, in part, out of my own frustration with the current New Zealand food market and food shopping in general. But also through my belief that everyone in New Zealand, regardless of where you live, should have access to excellent, world-class, high quality, New Zealand produced food and even more than that, getting these foods should be fast, easy, convenient and cost effective.

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