NoShortcuts Chutney range available at Edesia Farmers Market

With a love of good, honest food, Mary Brons is the brains behind the artisan relishes and chutneys of NoShortcuts.

Mary Brons Noshortcuts

The brand’s name explains much of what it is about, and Mary quite literally takes no shortcuts when creating her beautiful products. With traditional methods and minimal ingredients, Mary achieves a taste that reminds us of the good old days where we needed no nasty additives to produce great flavour.

Why vegetables are the most important food group

You know your salad is big enough when you bring the bowl to the table and people react with shock and awe.Dr Alan Goldhamer, USA

Organic vegetables

Vegetables are the only foods that contain all of the following.

  • Fibre — to ensure your bowels evacuate regularly and remove the body waste.
  • Vitamins — vitamin C for your immune system and fat-burning.
  • Highly alkalising minerals — from boron to zinc.
  • Essential fatty acids — for lubrication, longevity, skin, internal protection.
  • Biophotons — plant-stored ‘sunlight fuel’.
  • Plantioxidants — antioxidants only available in plant compounds.
  • Prebiotics — to feed and strengthen your good intestinal bacteria.
  • Digestive enzymes — to break down your food for full absorption.
  • Proteins — for your cells, muscles, heart.
  • Carotenoids — that convert into plantioxidant protection in the body.
  • Chlorophyll — the ‘green blood’ of plants that cleans/rebuilds your blood.
  • Flavonoids — anthocyanins, flavonols, flavones, flavonones.
  • Polyphenols — incredibly important plant pigments that protect the systems of the body from almost all chronic disease.
  • Trace elements — such as selenium, the only trace element mentioned in the human DNA code.
  • Water, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen — all necessary for survival.
  • Phytonutrition, phytochemicals and unique plant pigments — lignans, sulphoraphane, DIM, isothiocyanates — all anti-cancer.