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Our range of organic produce at Edesia just got even better! We are proud to introduce Bostock’s Organic Chickens as our new supplier of free-range organic chicken.

Raised in the sunny Hawke’s Bay, Bostock’s chickens live in a safe, happy environment among lush green grass. With freedom to roam and organic chicken feed to eat, Bostock’s chickens are healthy and stress-free.

Bostocks free range chicken

We love seeing innovative and welfare-conscious suppliers like Bostock’s Organic Chicken enter the market. Cared for in the most nurturing of environments, Bostock’s Organic Chicken has a far superior taste and quality than conventionally-raised chicken.

Bostock’s values are in line with ours here at Edesia and we are very excited to have this new supplier on board. The future of organic food looks brighter with Bostock’s Organic Chicken involved.

A bit about Bostock’s Organic Chickens

Ben Bostock is the brains behind Bostock’s Organic Chicken. Having grown up on his parent’s organic apple orchard in Hawke’s Bay, Ben is continuing his family’s proud organic-growing history within his chicken farm.

Ben has grown up gaining invaluable knowledge from his father, John Bostock, who was a pioneer in organic apple production in New Zealand. With extensive research into international organic poultry, Ben has made it possible to grow healthy, organic chicken in a nurturing and chemical-free environment.

Taking a lot of influence from the way the French farm organic chickens (including many trips to France), Ben had a dream of producing the same premium-quality meat here in New Zealand. Ben learned that the success of the French came down to their focus on nurturing chickens through their environment and food.

His unique approach to farming has seen Ben purchase a number of state-of-the-art, clean, spacious and solar-powered houses for his chickens. He calls these the ‘French Chalets’ due to their luxuriously warm and comfortable space. The chalets have solar-operated feeding systems and windows, allowing chickens to roam free once they are fully feathered. To ensure the stock has fresh grass year round, the chalets are also mobile and moved regularly.

Bostock's organic chicken farm

Ben’s chickens are much healthier than conventionally-raised chickens because they are free from antibiotics, hormones, genetic modification, chemicals and stress.

Established in June 2014, Bostock’s Organic Chicken has already been a very promising addition in the movement towards better welfare standards. With an environment that’s both economical and sustainable, it’s no wonder Ben Bostock is proving to be very successful in his business.

Edesia and Bostock’s share the same food philosophy

When it comes to the passion for organic food, Edesia and Bostock’s Organic Chicken are like two peas in a pod.

Here at Edesia, we demand only the freshest produce of the highest quality and we believe there is no substitute for organic food. This is why we can offer the finest food to our customers. And with the lengths Bostock’s Organic Chicken goes to in providing superior-tasting meat, we know they are the right supplier for us. With their nurturing processes from pasture to plate, Bostock’s commitment to quality is second to none.

Edesia and Bostock’s Organic Chicken share the same desire to educate New Zealanders about the benefits of eating organic. As it plays such an important role in our health and wellbeing, we should be more aware of where our food comes from and the processes used to produce it.

Like Bostock’s Organic Chicken, our products at Edesia are all made under healthy, organic and sustainable standards.

Organic chickens in field

Bostock’s Organic Chicken now in stock at Edesia

We now stock Bostock’s Organic Chicken online at Edesia. So if you’re after the tastiest free-range chicken, you can find it here.

Whole chicken - Make that Sunday roast something special with Bostock’s whole chicken. Available in size 14, these plump and tender chickens will easily feed the whole family. There’s something about a good roast chicken that’s comforting for the soul. And knowing the nurturing environment in which the chicken was raised is even better.

Boneless Chicken Breast – One of the most popular cuts, Bostock’s chicken breasts are lean and delicious. These chicken breasts are fantastic for those mid-week dinners that we all like to whip up in a flash. Tossed through a stir fry or simply grilled, Bostock’s chicken breasts are a healthy choice of meat for you and your family.

Chicken Drumsticks - Delicious in a winter casserole or on the BBQ in summer, chicken drumsticks are a staple in many households. Forget the gristle from conventional chicken, Bostock’s chicken drumsticks are packed with succulent meat and flavour.

Chicken Wings - Bostock’s Organic chicken wings can be enjoyed as a perfect crispy snack or as part of a meal. With plenty of meat to enjoy, you will know that these chicken wings came from the happiest of chickens.

Bostocks organic free range chicken range

Due to the nature of these products, we recommend you request ‘urgent delivery’ when ordering. Take comfort in knowing how your meat was raised and order your Bostock’s Organic Chicken today.

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  • Craig Hopkins