NoShortcuts Chutney range available at Edesia Farmers Market


With a love of good, honest food, Mary Brons is the brains behind the artisan relishes and chutneys of NoShortcuts.

The brand’s name explains much of what it is about, and Mary quite literally takes no shortcuts when creating her beautiful products. With traditional methods and minimal ingredients, Mary achieves a taste that reminds us of the good old days where we needed no nasty additives to produce great flavour.

Mary Brons Noshortcuts

Mary’s Dutch heritage and healthy conscience have been key drivers in the success of NoShortcuts and she is passionate about sticking to those recipes she knows are tried and true. NoShortcuts products are cooked the old-fashioned way, in small batches with quality ingredients – just like Mum made.  The cooking and preservation process may be labour-intensive, but the results are worth the effort. Mary proves that with the right processes, the use of preservatives to make a long-lasting product is not always necessary.

When you read the ingredients list on a jar of NoShortcuts chutney or relish, you will not be baffled by long words or numbers. Short and sweet, the list is simple and recognisable – something we consider invaluable at Edesia Online Farmers Market.

Hand-made chutneys, naturally

Wherever possible, the raw ingredients in NoShortcuts products are sourced locally and are handpicked by suppliers that can provide the quality of produce that Mary demands. An overflowing lemon tree or tomato vine is like music to Mary’s ears, and this has been the main ethical and sustainable source of her ingredients.

While many of us wonder what to do with all that excess fruit, Mary works tirelessly to turn it into the range of delicious condiments she is now so well-known for.

With the changing of seasons and many of the raw ingredients only available for a short time, Mary has had to be forward-thinking in order to maintain a good supply of NoShortcuts products.

As the NoShortcuts name evolves into an increasingly popular artisan brand, Mary is producing quantities like never before. So Mary recently began growing her own supply of raw ingredients to ensure she enough on hand to keep up with the demand – it goes to show just how popular NoShortcuts is becoming!

Chutney Range

From humble beginnings to an award-winning brand

What started as a hobby to use up the surplus fruit and vegetables in friends’ gardens has now become a well-respected artisan brand.

Mary began selling the NoShortcuts products at various Farmers Markets in the greater Auckland area and it didn’t take long for the brand to take off. In fact, Mary won awards at both the 2014 and 2015 Farmers Markets Awards for her range of NoShortcuts products.

Now that Mary is a grower herself, she is able to focus more time on creating exciting new products while keeping an eye on the quantity, quality and characteristics of her produce. We hear that her first venture will involve a couple of new recipes – watch this space!

Mary’s willingness to keep her philosophy of minimal ingredients and traditional processes have differentiated her products from the rest. The ever-growing popularity of NoShortcuts products prove how much her followers value her way of thinking.

Noshortcuts chutneys

NoShortcuts chutneys turn any meal into something special

Food lovers far and wide will know that a good relish or chutney is the perfect condiment to any meal or snack.

NoShortcuts products can be blended during cooking, used as a garnish or added to the plate as a side dressing. The flavour these products bring to a dish can add excitement and creativity to even the most mundane of meals.

At Edesia, we feel it’s imperative to share in the philosophies of the brands we stock. Being ‘on the same page’ as our suppliers is so important in bringing you the very best artisan food that this country has to offer.

From day one, we have stocked NoShortcuts products at Edesia Online Farmers Market and we continue to be impressed with Mary’s efforts to uphold her values. We’ve loved watching NoShortcuts expand to a wider market and become such a well-respected artisan brand.

Beetroot Relish, Tamarillo Chutney and Mustard Pickles are in stock at Edesia Online Farmers Market. We can testify that these products are the healthiest version of preserves and are all jam-packed with flavour.

Buy yours today and indulge in the NoShortcuts experience.

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  • Craig Hopkins